Ejaz anita dating Web camporn 2013

If the residents Hell submitted to them, they received the point; if they did not, Heaven would.

The task for this week was named 'Amdani, Atthani, Kharcha, Rupiya' (Income, Penny, Expenditure, Rupee).

The hell-mates ended up replacing all Golden badges on the first day and hence won.

Bigg Boss later announced that the task wasn't over yet,as the hell-mates had captured heaven side,the heaven side could only use their side with permissions from them.

which aired on TV channel Colors TV from 15 September 2013, with Salman Khan returning as the host for the fourth time and this season is longer than its predecessor, Bigg Boss 6 and lasted for 15 weeks (104 days) concluding on Saturday, 28 December 2013.

Thrilled about bagging the role, Anita tells us why she has even more reasons to smile. Is it the new show or developments in your personal life? I’m glad to be working in Gutur Gu and also happy to have Rohit (Reddy) in my life. Yes, we will get married by next year-end, though the date isn’t fixed yet. As he’s a south Indian, we will go for a wedding in Tirupati. From all the offers you got, why did you choose Gutur Gu?

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It will be a low-key affair with close family and friends. Most of them were repeats of what I had already done. Dialogues are very important for actors and to emote without them took some getting used to. Also, I have to shoot only 10 days a month, so I can focus on planning my wedding. How do you look back on your relationship with your ex-boyfriend Eijaz (Khan)?

I am hyperactive, while he’s chilled out, sorted, and the more understanding of the two. He works with a multinational company and is obviously not from the industry.

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