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* Moved probe / beacon handling into ieee module (shared with ipw2100) * Changed to use netdev_priv consistently (thanks to Stephen Hemminger) * Fix the initialization code (thanks to Stephen Hemminger): - memset is unnecessary since alloc_etherdev does it already SET_NETDEV_DEV so that /sys/class/net/eth0/device symlink is created - don't set name to "eth%d" already done by alloc_etherdev - don't mask register_netdev error codes * Misc.code cleanup (thanks to Stephen Hemminger): * get rid of left over cruft in ipw2200 priv stuff that is set but never used * debug/channel should be local variables (global namespace conflicts possible).We are in the process of cleaning up the driver for submittal to netdev for eventual inclusion into the kernel.The driver currently supports wep, 802.1x, monitor mode, adhoc, infrastructure, etc.With the setup and configuration of BK and the multiple trees I've had come into existence and go away, there is a chance I missed something -- if so, please let me know.Changes in 0.5 * Fixed problem with load retry logic re-allocating Rx buffers repeatedly (skb leak) * Fixed SWSUSP compilation dependency to CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND2 * Fixed oops if sysfs entries were read after the driver fails to load if the firmware is missing.So, adding support for the ABG is just a matter of updating the firmware used by the ipw2200 project, adding PCI id's, and putting in support for A.

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which makes it impossible for SIOCDEVPRIVATE ioctl's. Are the problems related to the data passed to the IOCTL? The ipw2100 project (802.11b) has progressed very well.

To that end we're working to try and get it ready for submittal along with the ipw2100 project. The ipw2100 and ipw2200 projects currently share the 802.11 frame handling stack for Tx/Rx and some management frame processing.

That code has been pulled into its own module suite (ieee80211), based on work from the Host AP project.

* extra semi-colon in IPW_DEBUG is bug waiting to happen.

* Report firmware version via ethtool (like other drivers) rather than special sysfs hook.

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