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All of this naturally presumes that the girl is an 8 or better. But a girl doesn't have to go overboard in order to show how hot she is.

There are outfits that draw attention without making the girl look like she charges by the hour.

The tight jeans and blouse that show off her figure but hide the rest, that's sexy.

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Therefore, the only reason for her to dress revealingly is to show off her body to Oversexualising herself in while on your arm is a red flag.I hate her showing the goods to other men, and its always a chance that shit can start at a venue if they disrespect her or me. If you want her to be more modest, say so, and she should respect you.Save the crotchless gear for the bedroom if you are my date. If she doesn't, let her go or downgrade her to casual.When a woman shows a lot of skin, to me I see it as more than just looking good, as it attracts a particular type of attention (in my opinion anyways). As long as it's not ridiculously slutty, there's nothing wrong with your girl looking good when she's out with you or friends.When it comes to any kind of family though, you're right.

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