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Other songs on the album include "Rich Woman", "Killing the Blues", "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us", "Polly Come Home", "Through the Morning, Through the Night", "Please Read the Letter", "Trampled Rose", "Fortune Teller", "Stick With Me, Baby", "Nothin' ", "Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson",and "Your Long Journey".Robert Plant said in a new interview with WFPK that he has been “talking” with American singer Alison Krauss about possibly recording a new album together.But that’s about as much thought as he puts into who might be out there listening. I don’t think I write to suit anybody — I just write to suit my mood.”As for his old band, Mr. Page and the bassist John Paul Jones “from time to time, and it’s very civil.” The three were thrown back together in 2016 during a high-profile copyright lawsuit over the song “Stairway to Heaven,” which the band won, but Mr. For a guy like me, who was a singer in band, who played no instrument — but just being eager to learn and experience more and more music? He emphatically does not delve into Spotify data to learn more. Plant doesn’t seem eager to relive that: “We’re enthusiastic toward each other, and each of us does our own things, and that’s how it is.”When Led Zeppelin ended in 1980, Mr. To the public annoyance of his old bandmates, he’s been emphatic about not reviving the band for a full-scale tour, and when asked about it he tends to make an artistic argument about wanting to resist nostalgia.

“The hospitality and friendships and initiation into Americana — not just music — was marvelous,” he said.

That album went on to win two Grammy awards in 2008: One for album of the year, and another for best contemporary folk album.

Plant said in an October interview with The Associated Press that he had been making a list of songs that he wanted to record with Krauss.

Once upon a time, the iconic lead singer of Led Zeppelin and the golden girl of bluegrass would never have been mentioned in the same sentence. I haven't even gotten off to being bullied enough yet. And also, I didn't understand the history of where Alison's from [bluegrass], and has been since she was a child. So we've got lots in common -- but it's the presentation and the whole musicality of it that's different.

But since they won five Grammy awards -- including album of the year for their surprising collaboration, "Raising Sand" -- their names have been inextricably linked: Robert Plantand Alison Krauss. CNN: Did you have this much fun working with Zeppelin? In fact, both of us can sit there talking about music, and neither of us can recognize the artists we're referring to. I mean, all the rock 'n' roll, and black Mississippi and Chicago stuff that I go raving on about, she's going, "Hmm." Krauss: I didn't grow up on that, yeah. CNN: Your collaboration has worked out so well that you're back in the studio in Nashville, working on a second album together.

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