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For those wishing to enter straight relationships, the election will certainly be a point of contention for heterosexual couples.

Yes, this question is a bit 2002, for my real liking, but it is always fun to pit the two royals against each other.Since "women are less prevalent on online dating websites, they have the opportunity to narrow the field." And this female aversion to male Trump supporters is reflected in social media campaigns like "Vote Trump, Get Dumped," which urges women to withhold sex from men who plan to vote for the Republican nominee.To put this data to the test, we went to one of the most partisan places in America this week — the Republican National Convention in Cleveland — with the goal of matchmaking a male Trump supporter with a female Clinton supporter to see if the situation is as dire as it seems.The site hit the online dating scene in 1995, has more than 30 million members, always comes out with new features (including live events and Missed Connections), and is responsible for more matches than any other dating site.You’ve successfully signed out We’ve enhanced our platform for

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