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In some cases, the scammers are even setting up bogus Facebook accounts with pictures in order to legitimize their existence and place the target at ease.In some cases, the scammer was even willing to send a photo of themselves holding a sign displaying anything that the target wanted—and as you mentioned in your article the wonders of Photoshop kick into gear and provides more non-repudiation to the target. The criminal call center initiates the long-awaited phone correspondence (in perfect English from a caller ID block) to the target in order to solidify the hopeful relationship and eventual meeting place. The supposed military member claims he is stranded in an overseas airport awaiting his next flight (Germany in my investigation) and states that his ATM/Credit card was disabled by his bank because he had not used it in many months due to his deployment.

In addition, the package bundles several photos and videos of attractive Russian women, some of whom are holding up blank signs onto which the scammer can later Photoshop whatever message he wants.“What we tend to see with these dating scams is the scammer will tell the call center operator to be sure to mention special nicknames and to remind him of specific things they talked about in their email correspondence.” This entry was posted on Monday, January 4th, 2016 at am and is filed under Other.You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Brian, It’s great that you are giving this topic some attention.Almost always, the purported “veteran” is divorced with a daughter or son and will heading back to the states in a few weeks on Leave.Personal photos (stolen) from social media continue to be exchanged between the target and scammer, creating the trust and bond between the two and tugging at whatever vulnerable heart strings they could.

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