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Many of my fnds they party at home .go out later and some dont....

Moreover, most of the time.people are in a group there is no harm in trying to talk to them in bars..of the things one can try :.

To add to the conversation : I myself an indian born and been living in finland for the last 5 yrs... Dated few girls and now recently engaged to my girl (second longest relationship).

Know quite many asians(pak-ind-bangla) and some are happily married to finns.are dating ..have families...

In my half-a-dozen nights out, I haven't seen more than a handful of single women or girl groups.

Having lived in NYC for the past few years, I find the situation a little bit different.

English is obviously quite popular and after a few weeks you'll probably made a few friends and, who knows, even find yourself a date.I've gotten good results with just asking whether the person likes beer and if yes, suggesting that we go out for one right now.especially people who live in kallio rarely say no.Meeting girls are not limited to just bars and nightclubs...You can meet them anywhere shop, ur own office, shopping mall, bus, others...

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