Dating partner with herpes

So if you are newly diagnosed with herpes because you are having or recently had an outbreak, you may also have had this virus for years and were simply unaware.

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This means that during oral sex, you can get oral herpes from someone who has genital herpes, and vice versa. So there is no way for us to know if your partner cheated, but there are definitely other possible explanations for how you may have contracted an STD or herpes from your significant other. This is why it is so important to get tested before and after new partners.Typically they don’t experience an outbreak at all or never notice it if they do.Often they got it from a family member who kissed their chubby little cheeks or from the normal sharing habits that come with being a kid.It is also important to get tested for both HSV-1 and HSV-2, since you never know which virus you may have that may be causing symptoms.Even though approximately 80% of oral herpes cases are caused by HSV-1, that still means 1 in 5 cases is caused by HSV-2.

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