Dating my harmony guitar

But in the average condition yours appears to be, it’s worth between 0 and 0.According to Harmony’s 1963 price list, the H1213 Archtone sold for .75.

This makes a lot of sense to me as I believe the gold decals (labels) they used, were made by the first company to manufacture decals in the US, The Meyercord Company, which was established in 1894 and registered in 1996.At one point, Harmony was selling 40 percent of their guitars through Sears & Roebuck under the Silvertone brand.Your guitar is a model H1213 Archtone made in 1963.The H1213 (your model) was finished with a shaded-brown sunburst, the H1214 was ivory-colored with a flame effect, and the H1215 was a sunburst with a grained effect.In excellent condition, this model is worth between 0 and 0 today.

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