Dating morals

Then, just nine days after announcing his divorce, Harris dropped his biggest bombshell.

Morals refer to an individual’s own principles regarding right and wrong.

In this day and age powerful women are respected and admired.

Women head corporations, successfully run for office and serve in the military. By the same token, men are encouraged to get in touch with their feminine side.

The book, along with its two Harris-penned sequels and associated materials, was highly influential among Evangelical Christians.

On July 17, Harris announced on Instagram that he and his wife of 21 years “are separating and will continue our life together as friends.” The split, he explained, came about because “in recent years, some significant changes have taken place in both of us.” Harris’ changes have been both significant and public.

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    There is absolutely no pressure or obligation that you have contact or hang out with someone just because they have contacted you.