Dating military doctor

Holland said a student there raised concerns about Hagmann’s training in July 2013.

“The moment the department and USU leadership were informed that these events occurred, the institution immediately suspended the relationship with Dr.

REUTERS/Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Handout via Reuters The taxpayer-funded training has long troubled animal rights activists, who contend that Hagmann’s use of live, wounded pigs to simulate combat injuries is unnecessarily cruel.

The group temporarily suspended Hagmann’s license in March.Howard Mell, a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, said he could not comment on any specific case.But speaking generally about “shock labs,” Mell said subjecting students to such problems during training would be absurd.If that logic was true, men couldn’t be obstetricians.” Hagmann said that the Virginia board is applying the wrong standard in assessing his conduct: He said that his trainees are “students,” not “patients” as the board calls them, and therefore he may have them perform procedures on one another as part of the educational process. Goodman said the video depicts gratuitous violence against the wounded pigs, and racist and sexist jokes by course instructors. Hank Johnson, an Armed Services Committee member who has introduced legislation to ban live-tissue training, said he was disturbed by the video and charges leveled against Hagmann by the Virginia Board of Medicine.He told Reuters the allegations are amplified by “animal rights advocates or those with an anti-military agenda.” Hagmann has drawn fire from animal rights groups for years because he is a leading practitioner of “live-tissue training,” which involves teaching students by using wounded live animals as patients. PETA posted the video, which includes graphic violence, at Xw N8It F3f E U. “It seems like this is a renegade contractor visiting abuse on military personnel and live animals,” said Johnson, a Georgia Democrat. It’s like a diabolical mad scientist at work in a horror movie.” In the Army, Hagmann practiced emergency medicine for two decades.

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