Dating in gta san andreas

Carl Johnson can date more than one girl at once, and, unlike in real life, the other girlfriends don't seem bothered if he adds another to his harem (unless they catch you cheating).All that is necessary to get a date is to walk up to a woman.In this date, you take your girlfriend for a drive. Understandably, the relationship meter goes down by a huge amount and will be difficult to get back up to where it was.Some girlfriends will like you to drive fast or slow. The girls have a lot of health but they can still be killed; if a girl is killed by CJ (not counting other drivers etc.Consider flying your date in an airplane or helicopter if her location makes this feasible. They will be VERY appreciative, even if you are barely able to land (at least with the "Hot Coffee" mod which may have unlocked some additional uncensored materials). If you take Millie for a driving date in a helicopter she will quickly get upset about the speed and the date will end soon.Do this after you complete the mission learning to fly.

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There are six girls found around the map that are dateable.

They have a blue marker above their head to alert the player to this fact.

Each girl can only be found in one particular place (see below).

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