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The sentiment of uncertainty presented on “I THINK” carries into “RUNNING OUT OF TIME”, a realization that a significant other’s love for their partner is fleeting.

Time tests the strength of relationships, and usually, after an extended period of time, people end up on different pages, resulting in a breakup.

champion Liv Boeree, who found herself seated at the same starting table as her boyfriend, high-stakes pro Igor Kurganov.

While some players may enjoy a day of poker with their significant other, Boeree was looking for a softer table draw (which got even tougher when Dan Smith and Brian Altman took their seats.) Unfortunately for the poker power couple, which won bracelets together in the 2017 ,000 tag team event, they just couldn’t avoid each other when it came to confrontations on the felt.

1, but his performances in character as the titular, Andy Warhol-resembling protagonist have been praised all over. The second-generation superstar had one of the most well-attended sets at Tyler’s 2018 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, where his joke about dating the former Odd Future frontman kept the internet buzzing for a week.

Now, he’s gearing up to bring Igor — the album and the goofball, dance-prone persona — on tour this summer/autumn, beginning in late August and running through the end of October, along with some of his closest friends like Jaden Smith, Dev Hynes as Blood Orange, and Gold Link. He’s also proved to be quite an exciting performer in his own right, with his 2019 Coachella set drawing attention thanks to his famous father’s cameo appearance and his own high-energy performance.

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Universe never gives you what you want the most, so fate gave me something else - dozens and dozens of different girls: from gang members and spies to beauty queens and playboy models.

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After putting in a four-bet to isolate and seeing Boeree’s A J, Kurganov reportedly said, “Let me do it. ” Boeree flopped a flush draw but couldn’t get any more help as the dealer produced a board of Q 8 8 2 4.As the previous track “EARFQUAKE” suggests, this person may not be transparent with Tyler about their feelings and he’s having trouble reading them, fearing that they’ll leave him.Despite this though, the lush and layered anthem featuring thundering bass that matches the title of the song, along with a fitting verse from Playboi Carti, proves this person’s unhealthy dependency on their love interest.Our agents will determine if the content reported is inappropriate or not based on the guidelines provided and will then take action where needed. We will email you with the results and/or actions taken as a result of the investigation if you chose to receive confirmation.Heartbreak is an indescribable feeling that blends mental and physical pain into a bane that one wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy.

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