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territory with the signing of the Oregon Treaty of 1846, but a separate Idaho Territory was not organized until 1863, instead being included for periods in Oregon Territory and Washington Territory.The state's south-east incorporates part of the Great Basin.Industries significant for the state economy include manufacturing, agriculture, mining, forestry, and tourism.A number of science and technology firms are either headquartered in Idaho or have factories there, and the state also contains the Idaho National Laboratory, which is the country's largest Department of Energy facility.

Regardless, part of Washington Territory, including Idaho County, was used to create Idaho Territory in 1863.

Idaho is quite mountainous, and contains several stretches of the Rocky Mountains.

The United States Forest Service holds about 38% of Idaho's land, the most of any state.

Hot summer days are tempered by the low relative humidity and cooler evenings during summer months since, for most of the state, the highest diurnal difference in temperature is often in the summer.

Winters can be cold, although extended periods of bitter cold weather below zero are unusual.

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