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Natalie reveals in this episode that her family owns a brand of toothpaste. Bristo identifies himself as being from "Monterrey County Police".

Glenne Headly, who plays Captain Stottlemeyer's wife played a character named Janet Colgate in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988). County law enforcement would be done by a Sheriff's office, not the police.

The narrative takes you back in time to a period before the Speaking to Digital Spy and other press, producer Lisa Henson, CEO and president of The Jim Henson company, explained why they made that decision."The prequel is a world that's very rich and vast," she said.

"It felt like a bigger world."Producer Halle Stanford, who is also president of television at The Jim Henson Company, echoed Lisa's comments about the richness of Thra before it was ravaged by the darkness."Henson really loved to do shows about hope and healing, but we also want to create worlds that you want to play in," she continued.

He was the original."It really felt like he was there and his spirit was there and everybody wanted to make something that would have pleased him."Brian also revealed that the Netflix series includes a sneaky Easter egg from the original film: "I think there is [an Easter egg].

There's something in one of the surprise creatures that turns up.

And so when he passed, that light went out of the world.

But he passed it on to us all."Anybody that met him and anybody that worked with him takes a little bit of light from him, so we've always found it our absolute joy to try and pass that on and give it to other people."His wife, Wendy, a doll-artist, sculptor, and puppet-maker, who worked on both the original and the Netflix series, added: "It felt like his spirit was there, it really did because he was such a big part of the original.

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And then Louis, we met way back in 2011, so even this iteration of it has been happening for many, many years."It's a real passion project for the company and of all the things that my father created, .Learn more about how Oath collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data.Select ' OK' to allow Oath and our partners to use your data, or ' Manage options' to review our partners and your choices.It's a world we really felt you could go back in time and you could go into the future.It's been very important for us to bring it back and introduce it to new audiences."She continued: "It's more cinematic, more thrilling than the original film because we were capable of taking the puppet action to another level entirely." in the current social and political climate."The prequel had also been in development for so long, and so I do feel like the universe did conspire for it come out right now," she said.

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