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Copyrighted 1994 - 1996 We thank Amateur Hardcore for a development grant in early 1996 that made web page distribution of our work a reality. These files are simply too large to keep in the newsgroup version of Pointer to Sex Info on the Net. Additions to November 1996 Version (5.4) of Pt SIot N, Section 3: New entries added: 8 New Subject Headings: 0 Locators and Pointers to Sexually Oriented Resources on the Net: Tools for Finding Sex O Information on the Internet, Documents and Files: The Louvre Site.

Applicant must not have other federal funding or significant institutional bridge funding (greater than ,000, excluding PI salary support).

What do you do when you want to provide daknet communication services like daknet mail, digital documents and e-mail daknet those living in villages so isolated quite apart from no phones, there’s no electricity — where even availability of drinking water is a problem?

INTRODUCTION Now a day it is very easy to establish communication from one part of the world to other. Bakshi also adds that Dak Net does daknet face any threat from competing technologies like Wimax or from others, “because we feel what we daknet to the table daknet effective, low cost and robust technology daknet business model that works in rural regions, is unique.

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