Dating beowulf conference

” With classes resuming next week across the country, it seemed a good time to revisit the most common delusions which beset American classical institutions.

It seemed prudent to bypass those delusions which are commonly acknowledged (grades, grade levels) among classical educators in media outlets such as this and to move directly to second-tier delusions which often go unaddressed. What if virtue formation isn’t just about submitting oneself to the authority of great books of literature?

Aldhelm was the foremost Latin poet of the Anglo-Saxon age, writing incredibly difficult and complex meters in a very learned form of Latin with many Greicisms, words taken from glossaries and other signs of learned scholarship.

There were also a number of theological debates raging in the halls of seminaries, the pages of theological journals, and in the pulpits of the nation.

My research and teaching focus on all aspects (literary, historical, archaeological) of early England and Scandinavia, but I also belong to that crypto-group of poetry people attracted to verse of all periods and places.

Looking back, I see that most of my essays have had a polemical purpose, exploring the hidden expressive powers of literatures that were new more than a millennium ago.

I have scruples against calling myself a Writer, capitalized, but I echo Augustine in “profess[ing] to be one of those who, by profiting, write, and by writing profit.” Never especially disciplined or consistent in my writing efforts, never attempting any grand projects, yet over the years I have accumulated piles of notebooks, loose papers, and flash drives full of words I felt compelled to write when met by beauty too strong to forget or thoughts too tangled to untie.

If you have not read Josh Gibbs’ article on classroom décor, do it.

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