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I always tell the story of when the whole family gathered to celebrate her 100 wanted to hear how her great-grandchildren were doing.

She sat next to me for lunch (I remember her having a large piece of steak) and said “I may have asked you this already and I’m sure I will ask it again; you will just have to deal with that; how are the children?

The surveys explored the religious beliefs and behaviors of Hispanics and compared them with non-Hispanic believers.

According to the findings, more than 90 percent of Hispanics identified as Christians.

My paternal grandmother is a great example of a wonderful person who knew the importance of taking it easy.

She passed at the age of 102 with her laid-back outlook of life completely intact.

Renewalist Christianity is a movement centered on the belief that God, through the Holy Spirit, can intervene in people's daily lives.

Of those Hispanics who are evangelicals, about half are converts, most of them being former Catholics.

Ninety percent of the evangelical converts reported that they chose to change religions because of a desire for a more personal relationship with God.

So how is it, one must ask, that we generally live longer?

Here are some plausible explanations based on my own qualitative research exploration.

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