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It’s possible to build up a repertoire of specific banter “lines” that you can haul out as needed, but it can be difficult to make that sound natural and unplanned.

You keep your tone light and friendly; assuming familiarity and treating them as though you’re friends makes it easier to have the same tone of voice you would use with your best friend when the two of you are riffing back and forth at each other.Most of human communication is non-verbal; we are forever coloring the meaning and intent of our words with hosts of micro-signals, whether it’s through posture, eye-contact, facial expressions or tone of voice.When you’re bantering with someone, you want to carry the sub-communication that none of this is , even when you’re calling him clumsy or telling her that she’s clearly only talking to you because she’s a sexual predator.What bantering is is being coarse, rude or insulting.One of the biggest issues I’ve seen in dating circles are people who seem to mistake being an asshole for being funny.

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