Cyberdating safety

When you meet them, compare them to the person you have been chatting with online. Listen to your instincts and do not let your fantasy overrule what your gut tells you. Taking steps to being safe when online dating is essential to a positive experience and your well being.

This is because, as you probably already know, there are a lot of predators online who try to prey on teens.

Additionally, you need to understand that there are inherent risks with any dating situation, real or otherwise and cyber dating should only be for those 18 and older.

That said, the following safety tips should help you to navigate the net more safely and easily through the world of online dating.

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Your personal information is none of their business One of the biggest mistakes people make is to provide personal information.

You may begin to feel comfortable chatting with someone and the next thing you know you're giving them your address and phone number and then the person you found so adorable online turns into a jerk who begins harassing you at home. Absolutely resist the temptation to provide any personal information such as place of employment, birthday, address, phone number, etc...

If someone keeps hounding you for information like this, view it as a red flag and terminate communication.

It is really easy to say just the right things online. It is important that you do not get carried away in the fantasy of what the other person is saying and rush into meeting them or taking the relationship further too quickly.

You need to be patient and take the time to get to know the person.

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