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It seems to me that the balance has now tipped ever-so-slightly.-- James Shaw-- Your validation - Email SMTP validator - Stack Overflow There's several libraries that can do that, and also a page with open-source code in asp ( Email.asp#Result3), but I have hard time ... Super Max gives thanks to these and other kind ASP enthusi ASP'ers. Readers may reach him at mailto:[email protected] Your or visit to handle wrong to mail address while sending email. Printer-friendly Pages - Knowledge Base FIGURE 1: The front page of Cover Your as it ... F-list - Free Website Worth Calculation Tool Cluttons: 8: $ 8,464 # 217,402: K-juku: 9: $ 16,664 # 217,402: Coveryourasp: 10: $ 12,664 # 217,402: 10dollarmall Site Disclaimer: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Since this is the first time we have seen this I just dont know. Are there other tests to validate a SMTP server that would possibly require opening up different ports besides 25 and/or 110?Thanks Most likely your system is listed in one of the many Block Lists. Maybe the admin's cat walked on the keyboard while he was editing a manual block-list and your address randomly ended up on there..? One that could cause a test to fail and trigger a false positive for spam?

This means the address portion to the right of the @ is invalid.

Hi, For our database, we are beginning to store more and more email addresses, and we need a well defined way to know if the email address format is "valid".

Is there some sort of a routine or a command that will validate that an email address is or isn't valid, based on the latest set of rules?

Again, the NDR is not descriptive enough for you to "FIX" anything at your site. However, the data, such as sender email addr, sender domain, etc.. I suggest that you get in touch with those remote admins, stop worrying about "validation" and not nit-pick about your config.

You should contact the admins of the remote system and see if they will shed some light on it. ain't anything other than text that can be written in any format by "your" program. After all - your config works for the whole planet, except for one system.

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