Cousin dating our cousins

I don't really think it is any of your business, really.

You are entitled to your opinion, of course, and are not required to be happy for them but that really is as far as it goes.

Let me re-phrase that: no one has demonstrated second cousins or closer that fail to share DNA at a level detectable by one of the three testing companies.

There are claims out there, but they are completely unsupported at the current time.

The thought of seeing them kiss and cuddle absolutely turns my stomach.

My sister is with me on this, but mum is saying she doesn't see the problem.

For example, both DNA test results and traditional genealogical records can reveal misattributed parentage, adoption, health information, previously unknown family members, and errors in well-researched family trees, among other unexpected outcomes.

I expect dh would have been further cheered to hear that the chances of him then going on to develop a rare cancer later on in life, that his own father died of, were also rare.It doesn't sound like you get on well/have a close relationship with your brother anyway (and I have sympathy- my brother is a complete pain), so I doubt you want to have a close relationship with them. One of them is my first cousin, and the other is first cousin to him but not to me, iyswim. They are immensely happy together, the most compatible couple I've ever come across in sickness and in health etc. Your brother and your cousin could be making the most successful relationship in your whole family.It would probably be a good idea - if they decide to have children together, because 4 kids isn't anything like enough after all - for them to have their genes checked, if it's possible.Caution should always be taken before pursuing an answer to a genealogical question.Ask yourself (or your relative) before diving into the research whether you really want to know the answer, and whether you think you are prepared for it.

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