Cousin dating laws

Further, we have civil laws and religious creeds based on obsolete information. Fears of cousins who marry having children with birth defects are exaggerated.

Simply marrying within your own race increases the odds of birth defects.

I feel when two ppl get married the entire family becomes one. But a bit of family history: My mum and dad got married. With the exception of it ending in a breakup which might become awkward, I don't see the problem. You marry into a family, your whole family doesn't marry into their whole family. When my aunt married her now husband both had adult children.

The fact that each of them is blood related to this child alone should make them not want to date one another. A couple of years later, my dads sister married my mums uncle. My mom always wished they would get together and get married. Not because anyone thought it was gross, they just didn't click. Well her older brother dated and was engaged to her husbands mom. Her daughter and his son met at the wedding, clicked, and got married.

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Cousin couples have only a slightly higher incidence of birth defects than non-related couples.

I have two couples in my extended family that are related through us.

It was frown upon by older generation, but worked out fine. Its not first come first serve basis, they just met later than the original couple.

There is a wide range of opinions on the subject of cousin marriages.

This is fueled by erroneous information, bigotry, and presumptions.

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