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Here's the thing: Being yourself means sometimes being nervous or awkward or not thinking of the right thing to say.

Remember that your date is also in the same boat; all non-sociopaths get a little weird before a first date, so breathe.

This is a first date, dude, not a grad school application essay question.

All in all, even if you forget all of these conversation starters and accidentally blurt out "I love lamp" or come down with food poisoning mid-date, you'll be giving someone a great story to tell on their next date.

This question will probably allow you to get into where you each hang out in the place that you live, and get a feel for what mutual interests you might have.

Remember that the simple act of agreeing to go on a first date is a brave thing, and go out there and get them. No matter how many you've been on, how many mutual friends you and your date have, or how unshakably confident you are, a first date means that you are taking time that you could be spending with friends or snuggling up with the new season of to sit across from a veritable stranger/potential murderer.The goal of a first date is, to ultimately, be yourself — two tiny words that are so hard to actually make good on.Pro tip: This works on a bad first date, too, because you get to escape the setting in your mind for a moment.This is a good one because it allows your date to relive some happy memories, and you'll probably learn a bit about their work and travel history as well.

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