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Short-term networking goals Short term goals can be as simple as attending three different organized networking groups and deciding which one to join and calling two or more people that you haven’t spoken to in the last six months and inviting them out for coffee, lunch, or just a quick business meeting.Long-term networking goals Long term goals can be actions such as obtaining a seat on the board of the not-for-profit that you are active in, developing a workshop on your area of expertise and beginning to reach out to organizations, associations, groups and gatherings in your community to pursue speaking opportunities.And, just like dating, sometimes networking relationships don’t take off either.As a mature adult, though, you won’t simply discount the person who isn’t a fit for you. Call 202.777.3207 or email us to set up a time to meet up for coffee and a crash course in our local community.Drupal is used, built, taught, documented, and marketed by the Drupal Community, which is made up of people from around the world, with a shared set of values, collaborating together in a respectful manner.

That person may be the perfect fit for someone else.Be sure that after you identify a goal that you write a couple of action steps underneath it so that you understand what it takes to actually reach that goal.Set up a daily networking plan and set daily goals — making sure to connect with someone each day that you can either help in some way, or who may be able to help you.But saying that you want a new job in a specific field, or even in a specific company, helps people know what to “give” you.Put your networking goals into the short-term (month-by-month), long-term (next year or two), and the future (two-to-five years from now).

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