Comcast dating on demand pittsburgh

You can also access the main menu by pressing "Menu" on your remote and choosing "On Demand." If you have XFINITY but not On Demand, it may not yet be available in your area.

Use the arrow keys and "Select" on your Comcast remote to navigate the On Demand menus.

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Don't worry about accidentally purchasing a program you thought was free; the program's description screen will either list "Free" or a specific price.

For instance, with a door sensor or smart door lock, a camera and the Xfinity Home app, you can set a rule to receive a text or email when the front door opens, then access your home camera footage remotely to see it was your teen coming in from school.

Later, on the couch, parents can give younger children more freedom with the remote with the help of Xfinity TV and parental controls on Xfinity X1.

The main menu breaks down into categories such as "Premium Channels," "Movies & Events," "TV Entertainment" and "Kids." Highlight the category you'd like to browse and press "Select." Each category includes sub-categories that you navigate in the same fashion.

When you find a specific title you want to watch, highlight it and press "Select" to bring up a program description. You can fast forward and rewind with the left and right arrows, pausing with the "Select" button.

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