Christian dating okay kiss

· If you have engaged in any of the THKS, it is still possible to stop it.· Start renewing your mind with the Word of God.The Word of God would influence and change you.· Ask God to embrace you again. He is ready to forgive and cleanse us, once we ask for His mercy.· Start building friends and mentors that will guide you in the right way.· If you are in a relationship and you can’t stop engaging in the THKS, I will advise you and your partner to SPEAK out, SEEK SUPPORT, and if you still can’t stop, to honour God, the solution is to end the relationship.· God said that whoever covers his or her sin will not prosper Proverbs .I dedicate my spare time to blogging, knowing more about Jesus, praying for myself and for others, and helping the Less Privileged.

It is to be noted that few Christians that engaged in THKS prior to their marriage would look back and defend that it was a good choice they made, and neither would they encourage you to engage in it.

My blog is mainly for helping Christians regarding relationships, intimacy and building a closer relationship with God, irrespective of your environment and things that you are exposed to in the secular world.

Biblical Dating: To Kiss or Not to Kiss by Scott Croft * * *A promise is a promise.

You won’t be guilty neither would you be committing sin.

Pastor Adeboye said that ‘the weakness you are able to conquer today will most likely be conquered by your generations’. Abraham lied little, Isaac lied more, Jacob was worse with his lie.

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