Chris evans jessica alba dating

“They sat together and even walked to the bathroom together.Everyone was shocked because we thought she was dating Justin.But it didn’t look like she was thinking about him that night – she was consumed with Chris…” “They seemed to be flirting and acting real cozy,” adds another eyewitness.“The wedding party took place outside in the bank area, and a couple of people inside the restaurant kept trying to get a peek at Jessica.

Just Timberlake was off touring in Europe at the time.Biel also made a reference to the fact that she’s not really into getting married right now, she was quoted by Contact Music as saying “What’s weird is: You’re single for 20 or 30 years, and you’re married for like 70. ” Why is that every woman who dates Justin Timberlake feels the need to publicly declare that they’re not the marrying type? Header image of Biel and Evans is from the movie movie as Johnny Storm, and has three movies coming up next year, according to IMDB.I couldn’t figure out if he has been linked to anyone else since Biel, and to me he looks like a better catch than Timberlake, but I really dislike that guy.In 2006, Biel played a turn-of-the-century duchess in the period piece The Illusionist, co-starring Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti.While her casting was met with a mixed response, her performance was ultimately praised.

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