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Chloe mumbles and squirms against him but cannot match his strength.Before she knows it, he’s bending her arms back behind her and taping them from wrist to elbow! he then quickly tapes her ankles and gags her with several strips.The crook, satisfied, walks off to start taking a look around the house.His orders are to get rid of every last piece of information these two have on the ‘people’ he represents.That will end their sass, and keep them nicely muted.The girls are unable to prevent their tight gaggings, tightly tied up as they are, with white rope and completely helpless now.While Chloe, who the dude can’t help but grope, grumbles and strains, he chucks her ass over his shoulder and carries her away, where she’s stashed here in Studio B11, for safekeeping.

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He laughs ate them all lashed up face down on Dillon’s bedroom floor and says goodnight.

The pair are relaxing together, as they prepare for the next phase of their mission.

But somebody has other ideas for them Before they can go for their own items of defence (we can guess what these might be) the girls suddenly have one pointed at them.

He’s nothing if not dedicated, and is soon ransacking the place.

Bound and gagged in another bedroom, the ladies struggle defiantly, rolling in against each another, boobs pressed together, bottoms twitching maddeningly as they squirm.

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