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The new you is also more experienced in what you want.

The things that weren’t working in that old relationship will not be happening in this new relationship because you can spot those things right away and stop them in their tracks.

You are now in full control of your life and this freedom should make you feel totally excited!

Get out there and start building the new, better you!

You’re not alone, don’t allow yourself to go through this alone.

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So yes, go ahead and have that one night stand but NO don’t sleep with your best guy friend or your boss because that will make the next mode (depression) so much worse. You will feel like reaching out to the only person who would understand – your ex. Don’t kill all your progress by reverting back to Step 1. Don’t push away your feelings and don’t try to cover them up. Cry, watch your favourite movies, listen to your favourite songs.We are in denial so we don’t feel we to cut off contact.“I’m fine really, I don’t mind going to meet up with him for coffee.” That may be true while you’re in denial. Do yourself a favour and stay one step ahead of the game so that you can recover faster.The new you is happier, more confident and more secure.The new you will attract a man that shares these qualities as well.

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