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The innovative production work on "Toxic" was by the Swedish duo Bloodshy & Avant.

It includes a wide range of instruments from surf guitar to violins as well as influences from Bollywood and Bhangra.

It also became her only song to make an appearance on the R&B chart peaking at #85.

While they were rehearsing a performance for the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears played a finished track of "Me Against the Music" for Madonna.

It was all remixed for the soundtrack to the teen romantic comedy Nigel Dick, director of the "...

Baby One More Time" clip put together the accompanying music video for "(You Drive Me) Crazy." It featured Britney Spears dressed as a waitress in a dance club.

She co-wrote the ballad that amounts to a plea for forgiveness.

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The single kicked the pop career of Max Martin into high gear. Baby One More Time" was first written with the Backstreet Boys or TLC in mind. Britney Spears claims that she was excited about the song from the first time she heard it. Continuing Britney Spears' rise to pop stardom, "(You Drive Me) Crazy" hit the pop top 10 around the world and added a bit of rock guitar and cowbell to the mix.The song was featured in a creative, interpretive music video and has been covered by a wide range of other artists including Glen Hansard and Kelly Clarkson.This hit helped prove Britney Spears could still put together stirring and original music six years after her first appearance.The dance-oriented video was well received and earned an MTV Video Music Awards nomination for Best Dance Video.The chair dance sequence in the clip echoed Janet Jackson's celebrated "Miss You Much" music video. I Did It Again" is catchy, a triumphant return to formula, and deliriously witty.

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