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“I like math, because there’s only one right answer.” “I was a smartass more than anything, making jokes and speaking out of turn. It wasn’t the most exciting, but I got to do stuff I’ve never done as an actor before–crying, and the whole situation with my dad, I think some kids relate to that.” “I’m working with Kerr Smith, from Dawson’s.

Didn’t break the rules, however.” “I’m a mama’s boy, the type of guy that would rather go to a diner than a bar. I follow the rules.” “I walked into an agency in Vancouver hoping to get some modeling gigs, and they basically just asked me to be on television. I was supposed to be a teacher.” “Like most people, I grew up in a place where movies and being an actor seemed really out of reach. Kerr and I got along well on the set of Final Destination, so its gonna be fun to work with him again.

The year of 1999 brought a brand new sci-fi teen-drama to The WB called Roswell.

The show, based on the Melinda Metz book series Roswell High, followed the lives of a group of young alien-human hybrids with supernatural powers living among the citizens of Roswell, New Mexico.

So, when he does have something to say, it generally means a lot to the story. I’d want to do it as quickly as possible, but I would devise a plan first, whereas he`s kind of a do-first and get out of the situation later kind of guy, which isn’t like me.” “Once in a while I kind of like it that he thinks he`s got a place in life, that this is his journey and he`s going to follow that journey, no questions asked.

The series quickly gained a large group of dedicated fans, but unfortunately, as the show progressed the ratings began to drop significantly.Appleby now is a mother-of-two with her celebrity chef husband, Jon Shook.Jason Behr portrayed Max Evans, the intense, brooding alien-hybrid heartthrob who is madly in love with Liz.She even appeared in a few episodes of the hit HBO dark-comedy Girls during its second and third season.However, her biggest break since her Roswell days came in 2015 to 2018 when she got cast to star as lead Rachel Goldberg in the Lifetime drama series following a grim behind-the-scenes look at reality television, Un REAL.

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