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“I've seen some of the scenes and it looks so good. I'm a little interested to see how my mom is going to react to it,” he joked. I told you, when you moved to Hollywood, don’t take your clothes off.'"Taking his clothes off, however, is an improvement over what came off at the end of his stint on .As you may recall, Daugherty's character on the show was brutally beheaded by his own axe!

“I’ve got to say, I'm able to move on and do different things now, but I do miss it, of course.

This was taken at my wedding almost 5 years ago and now it’s her turn.

I can’t wait to be by your side as you’ve always been for me. ” Tisdale captioned a sweet shot of Hidalgo as bridesmaid for her wedding to Christopher French in 2014.

Recovering from literally having your head separated from your body is a tall order (even on television), but that doesn’t stop the actor from hoping he’ll make an appearance on the spinoff."It would be tricky.

They could put my head in, like, a jar maybe or flashbacks maybe.

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    He/she didn’t realize that I was that guy…I had moved across the country and so that might have thrown him/her off.

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    The Bollywood babes that are drawn up for action have the most beautiful skin you can imagine.