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Blood typing can be a useful tool for employers to assess their potential employees, in marketing companies, and in companies dealing with dating services. Read on and find out more about your personality traits depending on your blood type.Also, possibly check out who would be your best match depending on their blood type!Below are the four blood types and their associated personality traits.You will be surprised at how accurate some of these are!

They do not like to show their emotions, and they keep their thoughts or feeling about things hidden from others, and they share only when comfortable.They do not like to break the set rules on etiquette or the laid down societal standards or rules.Blood types A personalities are careful decision makers, and they take their time before they can settle on any decision.Well, for Japanese people, they do not rely on the astrological signs of personality information; rather it is their blood type.Source: After all, we all have blood running through the veins of our bodies.

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