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As said earlier however, this isn’t the case for everyone, love doesn’t really see colour, yet people seem to forget this often.

Especially when it comes to relationships involving black men and white women, often people are quick to call the black man “a sell out” and look down on him.

I managed the design team and worked with webtech to get this launched under a VERY tight deadline. Special-feature 'Back to School' hub sold to Walmart.

This was developed concurrently with the Olympics hub with the same launch date. Promotion and teaser for Kathy Griffith's show on Bravo. This has been recreated from the original files files.

As the leading internet destination for African-Americans, Black Voices has an extremely vocal and engaged user base.

The boards are the site's lifeblood, so extra care and thought has gone into collecting user feedback and suggestions while this redesign is underway.

You love who you love, your heart doesn’t see skin colour.”A – “There’s a joke going around that “Black women date/marry a white man and give birth to a You Tube channel” Because this is such a rare occurrence it’s greeted with a lot of approval/praise as it’s almost breaking down barriers.

I also created design and posting guidelines for bloggers to follow to ensure a consistent look and feel.

Initial response from the users has been quite positive. Another ambitious and wide-reaching project, this time taking on the redesign of the Black Voices Boards.

The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible.

‘Interracial’ relationships are a much more common occurrence in modern society, well maybe not more common but they’re a lot more public and accepted.

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