Blackberry applications updating storm2

More First and foremost the Storm 2 has terrific on screen keyboards.

The first Storm didn’t feel like a Blackberry, this newer Storm does.

I wasn’t crazy about how RIM integrated the four buttons into the touchscreen though this is a minor complaint.

If you’re deciding between the Storm 2 and the Bold 9700 (you can get both on TELUS up here in Canada) it’s a really tough choice.

Read full review Since I was such a fan of the original Black Berry Storm, it should surprise few that I really like the Storm2.

It was laggy, buggy, kludgy, and the whole having to click the screen paradigm combined to make me feel like hurling it at the wall many times.

The Black Berry Storm 2 is much better in many ways.

I loved the 9700 but the Storm’s on screen keyboard is so good that I can’t decide…While the only 2 major differences between this one and the original Storm are screen and the Wi Fi the screen makes the Storm 2 a major upgrade.

You can now type really, really fast with the Storm.

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