Black comment dating man white woman dating archaeological objects

I'm only asking this cause I'm a black woman who's always had a preference for white guys.

Not saying that's the only race I'll date (a handsome guy is a handsome guy), it's just I've always found them most attractive for some reason.

Once there was a white guy staring at me and my shirt, I said hi and he ignored the crap out of me so I wont do it again.

(btw im open to any race just want someone with similar interests)Yes, I think I'm just as likely to find black women attractive as women of any race really, but I find they're usually either much more religious or hip/cultured than I am as a nerdy white im a nerdy black woman and list all of my nerdy interests on my dating profiles, I see a bunch of nerdy white guys viewing my profile but dont message.

It kinda bums me out a bit, but eh, I'm sure I'll find someone eventually.

It's just kinda weird to me, that you see black guys with white women all the time, but it's rarely the other way around.

This is unrelated - but please do not use fillers like "Soo...." (another common one is "Ummm..." or "Yeah...") before saying what you mean.

You're not taking ownership of your personal interest in this question, but acting like you're neutral and just idly curious. Also, no need to start off qualifying this preference by stating you're willing to date other races either.

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(Edit: The guy who was down-voted was coarse - but not entirely incorrect - as an example of culture, you are much less likely to get a white man if you use black-american vernacular.)Last, side point: You mentioned it's "kinda weird" (or actually you included "just kinda" before it to be less direct, again) that black guys are with white women "all time time" but not the other way around.

Sure, most of them want to date white women, but it doesn’t mean they will never find a black woman attractive.

I don’t date “white men who like black women” but rather men who like me.

Eh, when Ok Cupid published their statistics on race, it showed that, depressingly enough, black women experienced higher rates of rejection than other groups (regardless of who they went after, I think). Most white guys just assume we are not into stuff outside of hood/ghetto/urban/hip culture, so most of the time, like online dating they dont even view our profiles to even see if we have things in common.

Im very into "nerd culture" and listen to most music including alt, soft rock, indie etc.

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