Big penis dating

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] World record for the biggest penis While the doesn’t document penis-related records, they do exist!

To view photos of Cabrera’s gigantic bandaged penis that he can slap against his own face when sitting down head over to Cosmopolitan’s story on this. Reasons why having a big penis isn’t all it’s cracked up to be Having a large penis definitely isn’t as glamorous as you think it is. [Read: 18 fascinating and unknown facts about the penis] “I was once about to hook up with a guy who was so small I thought I was cupping a testicle when I reached into his pants.

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In fact, Cabrera says that women were so scared of having sex with him that he never could maintain a long-term girlfriend.

But is a big dick really all it’s cracked up to be?

Here are the facts that a well endowed package isn’t always a screaming good time for either party.

Go slow and allow time for the vaginal walls to stretch out. It may be beneficial to have an orgasm via hand stimulation or oral sex before penetration to ensure you are wet and ready. Lubrication is an absolute must when sleeping with a well endowed man.

Lube will allow for more clitoral friction and decreases the odds of tearing or pain during sex.

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