Best dating games for ipad

You star as Aoi who just can’t seem to get his life together, but all of that changes when he returns to his hometown and comes across a young girl in a wheelchair named Kotori.The two build a nice relationship and eventually team up with Aoi’s other friends to recreate the Soaring Club in order to fulfil their dreams.In this apartment she meets 6 people who she then must dig information on to uncover clues behind RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association), while also choosing which one is best suited for her love conquest.The gameplay of Mystic Messenger is split up into several parts: text messages, Chat Rooms, Phone Calls and Emails.All of these parts have their own unique gameplay and are incorporated into the story to help you solve clues along the way.The story lasts for 11 days and so you’ll be spending a lot of your time getting to know these love interests while digging up information on Rika and her mysterious schemes.Will he be able to find true love and heal the wounds of his heart?

Princess Debut is a very cutesy title that provides a nice entry point for anyone who’s just starting out in the otome genre.

In the case of Enterbrain’s title, Amagami falls into the dating sim realm.

Junichi hasn’t had much luck with the ladies as of late as he’s been dumped on numerous occasions.

With a diverse array of male characters to choose from, there’s always something new to experience and will certainly tug at your heartstrings.

With each playthrough comes a uniquely crafted story that we recommend you dive into, because it really makes everything feel more worthwhile.

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