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Running an efficient and profitable business relies on having a 360-degree view of the different parts of the organisation.Having that complete picture enables you to make decisions that are effective, timely and profitable.However, today’s cutting-edge business leaders are also turning to Oracle Database Cloud Exadata Service, a Paa S (platform as a service) option that delivers the power and world-class engineering of your Oracle Exadata database, delivered in a usage-based cloud model. But there’s a potential problem with Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service, and it lies in costs.

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Let’s dive into the topic of consolidating your cloud-based Oracle database’s multitenant option in order to reduce your Paa S footprint. For example, the proper consolidation of SQL Server databases scattered across multiple older generation servers can save you up to 60% in operating costs.Newer generation servers using solid-state drive (SSD) storage on cloud platforms, like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, provides even greater performance with fewer cores.All aspects of the business produce and require information.The ability to provide the best service or product depends on the flow, control and visibility of this information.

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