Asp net textbox value not updating on postback dating someone who is divorced christian

When tb1 text is changed I would like to update tb2 (for example with the text of tb1), without postback the page (in javascript).I know this question is very simple, but I'm quite new in The value of the textbox is being updated, but it is not being reflected on the screen.When the text is updated in the textbox, the On Change event is not firing (as it shouldn't), but I still need the textbox to be updated.even though this seems to be getting more complicated than I envisioned. My question now is about the "onchange" parameter in the line: Text Box1. Add("onchange", "Default Value();") Is "onchange" defined somewhere else? Since it doesn't come up with the intelisense when typing, I assume that this is defined somwhere by default?

Users shouldn't be allowed to directly modify textbox value...

Hoping I have placed my question in the correct forum.

I am writing an application that simply updates a text box (contained in a AJAX Update Panel) via a thread.

When a user changes these values, they are not saved and the textboxes are cleared out after the submit button is clicked. i have put this code in my page load event View State["stock"] = Text Box Material. Text; View State["ship Time"] = Text Box Ship Time.

To String(); string supplier = View State["supplier"]. Selected Value; string mat Time1 = View State["mat Time"]. Selected Value; string prod Time1 = View State["prod Time"]. Selected Value; string ship Time1 = View State["ship Time"]. Selected Value; Culture Info culture Info = Culture Info.

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