Are we dating or just friends hanging out

There’s a certain level of effort that shows when you’re dating.

He actually shaves and dresses nicely when you’re together.

If you’re not dating and just hanging out, then your times together are often confined in the four corners of the bedroom *his or yours*.

Like vampires, you rarely go out during daytime because you don’t want to bump into anyone you know.

While casual dating or hooking up is more of a last-minute – if not spontaneous – affair, him making plans means you’re worth putting on his calendar.

[Read: 14 signs he’s genuinely interested in being with you] #2 He shaves.

This is especially true when a guy you’re seeing is being weird and giving you all these funny ideas that leave you asking yourself, “Are we dating or just hooking up?

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[Read: Lust vs Love – Easy ways to clearly tell the difference] #9 Hang with the squad.Or maybe you’re the one giving him hints that you’re exclusively seeing him.Either way, it’s like this dynamic that you’re yet to define—but it’s there.With FWBs or casual hookups, you have huge suspicions as to where their mouths *and other parts of their anatomy* have been, so you would rather not exchange even a little trace of bodily liquids for now. You’re definitely dating when he’s giving you 100% of his attention.You won’t hear his phone ring *he’s put it on silent* and he’s not glancing at his phone for FB notifications, snapchats, or tweets.

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