Are beards intimidating to women

A "smooth face is still very much the norm," he writes.

You need look no further than the pages of publications like this one, with recurring features about how to get the best shave, to recognize how in thrall we've become to the cultivation of our facial geography.

Or even more precisely, it's attempting to redefine manliness in a different way than the previous era did.

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And then you have, in the Middle Ages, kings and knights favoring beards, particularly in the middle of the Middle Ages.

And then in the Renaissance they come back again, in the 1500s. And then finally one more time in the late 19th Century that we're all familiar with.

Deep down, they all know if they could grow one, they would. I personally can't grow a beard, and it's taken its toll on my self-esteem.

Every time I see a man with a full, bushy beard, I get incredibly envious.

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