Are anna shaffer and dylan llewellyn dating

Margolis took a period of leave in 2010 to complete his real life studies.

His main storylines have focused on his friendship with Duncan Button (Dean Aspen) and caring for his father who has multiple sclerosis.

I could very happily stay forever in my comfort zone - Hollyoaks is a great place to work.

But with Dean moving on it just feels like the right time." Margolis said he was grateful for the storyline and revealed he put extensive research into the storyline.

It is not known where the actress Jorgie Porter lives.

Actors often do not reveal where they live as a matter of privacy and safety for themselves and their families.

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Ricky was due to be written out of the series in 2011; but Margolis was convinced to stay.However, Rae is a real person, but is completely different from the Rae he imagined.When Newt met Rea for real, Rea had no idea who he was except that he was the man who robbed her nan.Anita followed him refusing to believe he would take drugs.Ricky continued seeing Anita, and in September 2009, went to a cottage with Anita, Newt and Lauren Valentine (Dominique Jackson), although their break was ruined when Gaz Bennett (Joel Goonan) arrived and started causing trouble.

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