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Music is an integral part of Puerto Rico's culture and binds the people together.Puerto Rican music reflects the strong presence of African, Taino Indians and Spanish influences and has become very popular across the globe.Güiro, a notched hollowed-out gourd is a famous Puerto Rican musical instrument.Puerto Rican music has evolved in many forms, from classical folk music to Salsa, Bomba, and Plena.The men wore a tailed cotton shirt with cotton slacks and woven straw hat, while the women would be dressed in long skirt, and low-cut blouse.Puerto Ricans are very friendly people and they welcome their guest with warm hospitality.

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They are emotionally attached to their family and friends, and like to socialize with them. Puerto Rico is a bilingual and multicultural society, greatly influenced by the Spanish, African, Indian, and U. Also Latin American countries have greatly influenced Puerto Rican culture to develop its own distinguished cultural identity.They are very cordial and genuine people and lead a very peaceful life.Puerto Ricans believe in well-knit family and have strong family values, which reflects in their culture.Both Spanish and English are official languages of Puerto Rico, but mainly Spanish is the spoken language.English is used as compulsory second language in schools, and is widely used in business, industry, and research.

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