Apple store dating apps

Wading through the imitations and cons is no small task for users.

Despite Apple already have policies in place to prevent fake apps, it’s not currently working well enough to eliminate all the suspicious apps from the dating market.

Some dating app developers will close certain functions when they submit their app for approval, such as an auto message feature.

Once it’s been approved, they’ll simply switch these functions back on, resulting in an app that doesn’t meet the standard Apple rules.

), you may have experienced the particularly effed-up déjà vu of seeing someone you've already swiped on reappear in your feed.It’s a cheating strategy that’s against the terms and conditions of the Apple Store but that hasn’t stopped numerous apps from deploying this tactic.Some fake apps go one step further and advertise themselves on the App Store!It’s failure to address the concerns that are being raised by valid app developers means that users are being cheated too.Singletons download and use dating apps to find real friends, hook-ups, and loves to connect with but it can be impossible to find one that lives up to its promises.

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