Aol dating game

Hear how much fun Samara Weaving, Mark O'Brien, Andie Mac Dowell and the creators had filming the movie.

(Photo Credit: Mike Pont /BUILD ) There's no one in the music game that sounds quite like this man!

🙌 But this time viewers will see quite a different spin to our favorite 90's California residents.

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth gave us details on what we can expect in and from the highly-anticipated FOX series, "BH90210." (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD ) Hot girl summer is in full effect 👏 👏..a little shade never hurt anybody. 😧 But there's more to Willa Ford than meets the eye, because as good as she is at posing for a pic, she's just as good at flipping houses!

(Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD ) Why are all these "Euphoria" actors are so easy on the eyes and insightful?! The socially conscious actor told us what attracted him to the hit HBO show, what's going on with his music and more.

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😩🤩If this picture didn't give it away, we had quite the time with "Pose's" Dyllón Burnside. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD ) It was truly a pleasure to sit down and chat with Lee Pace!(Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD ) While Monét was off somewhere being fabulous, we couldn't think of anyone better to hold it down than Marti Gould Cummings!Our favorite drag queen politician filled us in on the latest in politics, chatted with Congressional candidate Ritchie Torres and even called a senator live!Check out what he had to say about his work on the thriller, "Ready or Not," a possible "The O. (Photo Credit: Noam Galai /BUILD ) This ensemble is everything!🥰These lovely people brought their talents to the movie based on the popular book of the same name, "Where'd You Go, Bernadette." Watch the cast and director describe their time on-set and what they enjoyed about their characters.

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