Aniruddh dave and pooja sharma dating

Pratibha continues to hunt high and low for her little one, little knowing that she is living with a pickpocket.“Four years pass by and though her family members – including mother in law (played by Neena Kulkarni) – are not optimistic, I am confident I will find her,” she says.https:// Iv7_p FI2u/ https:// JUo Zc Fg UH/ The two, who had love at first sight at the sets of Arjun, had been dating since 2014.

Recently, there was a buzz about Paridhi Sharma and Ashnoor Kaur starrer Patiala Babes going off-air.

Reportedly, the makers had decided to pull off the show due to low TRP.

However, Ashnoor has clarified that this news is not all true.

With her expulsion, the two Poojas have exited Bigg Boss.

There was a lot of expectation that the elder Pooja would likely stay on till the end and take away the winner's crown.

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