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Truth be told, making teenage girls crazy for young male celebrities is ridiculous easy.Teenage girls are the most easily manipulated demographic available to the entertainment industry.Both pairs usually look very self-conscious together.Celebs over promote their showmances, when they are paranoid nobody will believe them.Just like car companies over advertise their lemon products (see the JD Powers, came in 5th, Chevy Cruze for proof).[quote]Both pairs usually look very self-conscious together.It's just two different ways of promoting a showmance.So guys like Andrew Garfield just have to get signed by the right people, the rest is a cake walk.

Cunanan wanted Blachford to gift him the car, giving him an ultimatum to either do so, or end their relationship.And Cunanan always took care of the minute details and traveling plans.One of Cunanan’s friends, Robbins Thompson, disclosed that both Cunanan and Blachford knew that there was a financial aspect to their relationship. But they were both clear-thinking guys, and they knew what was going on.”A year after Cunanan moved in with Blachford, their relationship seemed to go downhill. However, Cunanan was also dating others while he was with Blachford.It surprised no one when rumors started circulating that the two had fallen in love in real life.Throughout their nearly four-year relationship, Garfield and Stone never officially confirmed their romance in public.

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