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Kathryn Adams (mother) Year of Birth: 1940s Kathryn Adams is semi-professional bodybuilder and a mother of seven children.

Check out some other facts about Amy Adams’ family. After the divorce, Kathryn received a custody of all seven children. Amy’s daughter loves to spend time with her grandparents and despite of all the circumstances they all can be seen together out pretty often.Amy received her first Oscar nomination in 2005, at that time Kathryn was working at Starbucks and told every client this news. Scott Adams (older brother born to same parents) He is definitely a father to 2 kids. (younger brother born to same parents) They grew up together and were a bit desperate for attention.She also said that she believes her daughter will win the Oscar. Daniel Adams (elder brother born to same parents) Date of Birth: February 17, 1969 Zodiac sign: Aquarius He is Amy’s thee oldest brother. They all keep in touch and take care of one another.Her star-studded film projects have made her a household name, but details of Adams’ personal life remain mostly unknown.What we do know is that Adams is a happily-married mother of one daughter.

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